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VMUVirgin Mobile USA
VMUVisual Memory Unit
VMUVirtual Memory Unit (Dreamcast device)
VMUMarine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron (US DoD)
VMUVirtual Matching Utility
VMUVehicle Mount Unit
VMUVoice Message Unit
VMUVirgin Mobile Unit
VMUVoice Menu Unit (Ericsson)
VMUCalibrated airspeed at and above which an aircraft can safely lift off
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The research has revealed that students at VMU are highly motivated language learners who find continuing learning English at university purposeful.
We are an entrepreneurial company and the Rugby VMU is a good example of this.
VMU Strategy Implementation Plan (2007) defines an ambition "to create an optimal foreign language learning system cohering students' ambitions and opportunities, requirements of professional activity and international communication" (2.
VMU set itself a hectic timetable to build a complete infrastructure for handling hundreds of thousands of very active new customers.
The VMU is Sega's latest attempt to add features to the Dreamcast that put it ahead of the competition in what promises to be a fierce battle for hearts and minds of US gamers.
For the year ended December 31, 2009, included in selling, general and administrative expenses are fourth quarter 2009 costs related to the acquisitions of VMU and iPCS, Inc.
Delivering high capacity of up to 50Mbps, the ruggedized VMU supports vehicle speeds of up to 250 Km/155 miles/h and provides long range coverage of up to 10 km/6 miles.
Analysis was completed on the whole data set and illustrated a very strong relationship between VMU and relative oxygen uptake (r = 0.
At least one VMU is a must-have, adding a great deal to the playability of many games.
Preliminary VMU (Take-off speed) tests have been carried out, while flutter flights up to Mach 0.
The Shadow is a joint UAS employed by the Marine Corps' VMU squadrons (VMU-1, VMU-2, and VMU-3) to provide MAGTF commanders with both planned and immediate air reconnaissance.
The VMU community has not had a Class A or B mishap since transitioning to the RQ-7B Shadow.