VMoCVirtual Museum of Computing
VMOCVirtual Mission Operations Center
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We are pleased to partner with the experienced team of physicians at VMOC to further improve cancer care in the Bay Area and to help give these patients the information they need to best fight their cancer.
With an expert team of medical oncologists, hematologists, and radiation oncologists who have been trained in some of the most prestigious medical centers in the country, VMOC provides patients with world class, compassionate care by leveraging skilled experience with cutting edge technology.
Specifically, VMOC is marked as the exclusive planning and tasking tool for two operational missions scheduled for launch in the fall.
Further applications in development for VMOC include tasking and planning in support of the iGPS Program, led here at NRL.
With VMOC, Vie guarantees the end-of-day closing price to clients for orders received by 3:30 pm.