VN1Very Nice One
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1A), VN1, VN3 and Keoamtich were presented in one small sub-group forming a group of small- leaved China type, and the remaining small sub-group was nested by the crosses LDP1 and LDP2 (Assam-small leaved China type, and also known as offspring of the same parents), and PH10 (small leaved China type).
Among them, only Keoamtich was appeared alone, while the same parental crosses LDP1 and LDP2 were presented in one sub-group, and the single cluster consisted of DS13 and DS15 together with VN1 were presented in the other sub-group.
Supply of tires technically suitable for year-round use on military vehicles VM1, VN1 and VBV (LRD 90, LRD 110, LRD 130 and UAZ and all their modifications in ACR) on the roads and in the terrain up to the estimated value of the public contract.
Unveiled in early 2009, the 21-tonne Norinco 8 X 8 VN1 is equipped with a one-man turret armed with a 30-mm automatic gun and 7.