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VNCVirtual Network Computing
VNCVirtual Network Computer
VNCVirtual Network Connection
VNCValeur Nette Comptable (French: Net Book Value)
VNCVideo Network Computer
VNCVote of No Confidence
VNCVance AFB (Enid, OK)
VNCVirtual Nursing College
VNCVFR Navigation Chart
VNCVisual Navigation Chart
VNCVidyanagar Nature Club (India)
VNCVoluntary Nature Conservation (India)
VNCVereniging Nederlandse Cementindustrie (Dutch: Dutch Cement Industry Association)
VNCViable Non Cultivable (microbiology)
VNCVoluntary National Contribution
VNCVirtual Numerical Control (Software by Delmia, Inc)
VNCVery Noisy Channel
VNCVenture Nashville Connections
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Under both VC and VnC conditions, the association of the three main gait components demonstrated the same coherent configuration (Table 2).
VNC images in the arterial (VNCa), venous (VNCv), and equilibrium (VNCe) phase were obtained by the material decomposition process using water and iodine as a base material pair.
With VNC software integrated on the host computer running with AMD FirePro graphics cards and a VNC software application on a local client device that is internet- connected to the host, you can manipulate the host computer as if you were sitting in front of it.
The MobileX hack has yet to be released to the general public, with the developers working on making it more efficient, able to use the IR remote directly, and faster without VNC or SSH for a control interface.
VNC also intends to run matchday cruises to home games at Goodison Park and Anfield.
The combination of Automotive Connectivity Middleware from Jungo and VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive from RealVNC allows the head unit of the car infotainment system to automatically detect, access and control mobile devices in the vehicle and display their content on the screen in the dashboard.
* Sales Floor: Avaya Video Manager, Avaya IP Softphone w/video, Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Server, Webcam, Microphone
Home plate, the Venice (Fla.) Municipal Airport (VNC), is afflicted with a common ailment: anti-airport activism.
Popular solutions providing remote KVM functionality include virtual network computing (VNC) and remote desktop protocol (RDP), applications that run on the operating systems (OS) of the client or host server and the target server.
The application works with the Panther operating system, the new Intel-based Macs, and supports VNC screen sharing.
The application works with the Panther operating system and the new Intel-based Macs, as well as supports VNC screen sharing.
Release 1.6 extends the out-of-band remote management capabilities of VPM Gateway by integrating seamlessly to in-band consoles from Microsoft RDP, VNC, SSH and Telnet and securing their communication.