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VNCVance AFB (Enid, OK)
VNCVirtual Nursing College
VNCVFR Navigation Chart
VNCVisual Navigation Chart
VNCVidyanagar Nature Club (India)
VNCVereniging Nederlandse Cementindustrie (Dutch: Dutch Cement Industry Association)
VNCViable Non Cultivable (microbiology)
VNCVoluntary National Contribution
VNCVirtual Numerical Control (Software by Delmia, Inc)
VNCVery Noisy Channel
VNCVenture Nashville Connections
VNCVirtual Network Computing
VNCVirtual Network Connection
VNCVote of No Confidence
VNCVirtual Network Computer
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Over the past few days, RealVNC demonstrated a hybrid VNC proof of concept using AMD's RapidFire API and SDK, at IBC in Amsterdam.
VNC solutions only allow users to execute tasks in halves, resulting in significant drawbacks when it comes to remote access, explains Klaus Brandstatter, CEO of HOB.
We are thrilled to add VnC Cocktails, an innovative brand that is seeing great success within the rapidly growing segment of ready-to-serve cocktails, to our portfolio of premium brands," says Steve Bellini, Executive Vice President of Sales at Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc.
The combination of Automotive Connectivity Middleware from Jungo and VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive from RealVNC allows the head unit of the car infotainment system to automatically detect, access and control mobile devices in the vehicle and display their content on the screen in the dashboard.
One of the category's challenges is trying to make a ready-made product taste fresh, and VnC has risen to this challenge with style.
It can also use various webconferencing technologies such as Adobe Connect or VNC.
The application works with the Panther operating system and the new Intel-based Macs, as well as supports VNC screen sharing.
6 extends the out-of-band remote management capabilities of VPM Gateway by integrating seamlessly to in-band consoles from Microsoft RDP, VNC, SSH and Telnet and securing their communication.
VNC allows users to connect to a remote desktop through a Web browser.
Palm VNC (Virtual Network Connection), allows Palm users to view and control a PC, Mac or UNIX desktop from any location.
AXEL has again demonstrated their innovative capacity by announcing the first VNCviewer terminal, using the VNC architecture.
VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is an open-source (GPL) remote control application that enables the monitoring and control of desktop computing environments across platform boundaries.