VNFVoies Navigables de France
VNFVideo News Film (Kodak film)
VNFVerenigde Nederlandsche Filmcompagnie (Dutch: United Dutch Film Company)
VNFVery-Near Field
VNFVan Ness Feldman (law firm; Washington, DC)
VNFVirtual Network Feature
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The initial testing focused on functional interoperability of NFVi and various VNF systems.
The Xilinx solution, along with VNF frameworks from Calsoft Labs, promises up to 50% CapEx savings with commensurate reduction in OpEx for operators deploying NFV solutions.
Xilinx's PCIe-based FPGA offload solution significantly enhances VNF performance and scalability," said Narendra Dhara, Senior VP of Engineering and CTO, Calsoft Labs.
Offering service providers more choices in their NFV and SDN cloud deployments using our multiple VNF applications and VNF Manager provides numerous competitive advantanges, said Sanjay Bhatia, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing for GENBAND.
Integrators: Address VNF deployment and interoperability challenges for customers
To that end, a Tolly Performance Report published today verified that a single instance of an Allot Security VNF delivered performance on the brink of 200Gbps while inspecting traffic at wire speed and performing URL filtering.
Calsoft Labs' has partnered with leading server hardware vendors to offer VNF staging and systems integration services to telecom operators.
Supports any VNF with standard Virtio drivers, including 6WIND Turbo Router
Toby Ford, Assistant Vice President, IT Operations Strategic Realization, AT&T, says: "AT&T and Ericsson have been working together on a prototype to demonstrate the deployment of a Telco VNF in an OpenStack-based PaaS environment.
The project was also implemented using ZTE s vEPC, vIMS, VNF Manager and EMS solutions, in addition to an NFV Orchestrator provided by HP and ZTE.
Mission 7: Extension of the hydraulic model study area extended project VNF ?
Financing sources: Under study: VNF, regions, EU funding (40%)