VNFVoies Navigables de France
VNFVideo News Film (Kodak film)
VNFVerenigde Nederlandsche Filmcompagnie (Dutch: United Dutch Film Company)
VNFVery-Near Field
VNFVan Ness Feldman (law firm; Washington, DC)
VNFVirtual Network Feature
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The FatPipe VNF could help enterprises more easily deploy NFV, which has been previously constrained due to the difficulties involved with multiple-vendor components required for a successful NFV implementation, including OpenStack, said 451 Research's Senior Analyst Networking, Jim Duffy.
FatPipe VNF is also available on FatPipe-branded hardware.
Virtual network functions can be added from FatPipe's growing ecosystem of VNF partners, or from any OpenStack- compatible provider.
Telco Systems has also expanded its library of VNF applications.
During these PoCs, Telco Systems proved that the CloudMetro platform and its library of VNF applications support the high performance, carrier-grade multiple service chaining requirements of Tier 1 service providers.
A VNF Manager from Netcracker, a wholly owned NEC subsidiary, handles lifecycle events, such as creation, activation, termination and update of virtualized Network Functions (VNF).
The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) project's recent "Amsterdam" release addresses this challenge by introducing an open architecture for network automation and complete VNF life cycle management to enable innovative and interoperable network and application services at a global scale and reduced OpEx.
Offering service providers more choices in their NFV and SDN cloud deployments using our multiple VNF applications and VNF Manager provides numerous competitive advantanges, said Sanjay Bhatia, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing for GENBAND.
The paper focuses on the architecture of a Virtual Network Function (VNF) and how the VNF should interact with the cloud environment to simplify the automation of lifecycle management.
Enea NFV Access offers out-of-the-box VNF management and service function chaining for orchestrating on-demand agile VNF deployment - without the overhead that solutions originally developed for data centers carry with them, said Karl Mrner, SVP Product Management, Enea.
The services concern the weeding operations in the territorial units of route of the Territorial Direction Nord Pas-de-Calais of VNF.