VNHVery Nice Hand (online card games)
VNHVirtual Naval Hospital
VNHVanessa Noel Hotel (Nantucket, MA)
VNHVerbond voor Nationaal Herstel (Dutch: National Alliance for Reconstruction; Trinidad and Tobago)
VNHVisiting Nurse Hospice
VNHVertebrate Natural History (biology)
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Through its engagement program VNH actively promoted Traphaco's sustainability strategy as well as the selection of independent board members.
VNH disposed of a 10.4% stake in Traphaco generating an internal rate of return of approximately 30.4% over the holding period with total proceeds of USD 26.9m accruing to the fund.
IR spectrum of 4b showed a broad absorption at 3250-3600 [cm.sup.-1] resulted from decoupled vNH (str) and vCOOH (str) vibrations.
In the IR spectrum for 4c an absorption peak appeared at 3325 [cm.sup.-1] due to typical vNH stretching of secondary amines.
vCOO number vOH vNH asym sym [DELTA]v HL 3639 b 3456b 1671w 1398s 273 1 -- 3459m 1622s 1438s 184 2 -- 3457b 1629s 1483m 146 3 -- 3461b 1606s 1452w 154 4 -- 3462b 1601s 1441w 161 5 -- 3456b 1551s 1370m 181 Comp.
"We signed for an EC225 in August last year, and there was never any doubt that the option for another will be exercised,"said Captain Vi Cong Dung, Director of VNH South.
With this addition of the fourth EC225, VNH South will have a total of 10 rotary-wing aircraft from Eurocopter, comprising four EC225 and four AS332 L2 Super Pumas, and two EC155 Dauphin family helicopters.
VNH is a service and turn-key system supplier to the offshore and marine industries, the company said.
The net sales of VNH are approximately EUR5.0m and it employs 21 people.
We are honoured to recognize VNH South for their dedication and to highlight our longstanding partnership, said Guillaume Faury, President and CEO of Airbus Helicopters.
VNH South accepted its third EC225 this month in a handover ceremony at Eurocopter s production facility in Marignane, France.
Maintenance of controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) and humidity controlled natural ventilation (VNH) of heritage buildings Habitat 08: