VNIOVietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology (Hanoi, Vietnam)
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To enhance the quality and safety of clinical services for children delivered by VNIO, as well as to strengthen its capacity to produce training materials and conduct teaching courses in pediatric ophthalmology, Orbis launched a 5-year project in August 2013 named "Strengthening the Capacity of National Institute of Ophthalmology to Improve Pediatric Eye Health in Vietnam," which will run through December 2017 in Hanoi.
Backed by extensive research and analysis undertaken by Orbis in Vietnam and VNIO, the project covers human resource development, quality assurance, institutional capacity building, education programs and advocacy of the nation's child eye care policy.
By supporting the FEH training program in Hanoi, we are committed to helping strengthen the ongoing projects on childhood blindness prevention carried out by Orbis and VNIO in Vietnam.
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