VNIPVermont Nurse Internship Project (Windsor, VT)
VNIPVirtual Network Interactive Protocol
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VNIP leadership adopted the COPA model and its founding principles because it provided the essential framework to emphasize critical thinking over tasks; concepts over cases; integrated, actual performance over test results; and performance-based expectations over procedures.
The work and research of VNIP and several others (Boychuk-Duchscher, 2008, 2009; Fero, Witsberger, Wesmiller, Zullo, & Hoffman, 2009; Foundation for Nursing Excellence, 2010-2011; Hickey, 2009; Olson, 2009; del Bueno, 2005) illustrate that transition from student to practitioner requires an internship with learning experiences beyond the role and capability of typical orientation.
VNIP's internship work demonstrates that vital ingredients for new graduate success include clearly defined expectations, effective instruction for preceptors, time to teach and observe, and clinical coaching plans that provide guidelines for instruction and competency assessment.
The next Nursing Summit in April 2009, will be a collaborative project, as it was in 2008, with VNIP, to present the work of nurses throughout the state, from all practice sites.
Boyer presented the first session: "Current Theory and Practice in Staff Development," as it related to the VNIP process, i.e.
Boyer presented data from the VNIP Research Project and spoke about the importance of data submission from the Internship sites.
Organizational meetings were scheduled for VONL, VNIP, and VSNA separately, but as it was observed that a core of participants held memberships in more than one of these groups, a joint meeting was held.
More info available via VNIP web page: or call 802-674-7069 for information