VNIRVisible and Near Infra-Red
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For example, the VNIR is particularly good at discriminating various iron-bearing minerals whereas clays and carbonates are better discriminated in the SWIR (Fig.
The spectra of several clay/carbonate minerals have been taken from the IGCP Spectral Library and these spectra have been resampled to ASTER VNIR and SWIR bandpasses for comparison purposes.
The similarity of the images to be merged is to be studied before deciding on the selection of VNIR band for obtaining the spatial details.
The laboratory calibration of the UA VNIR also utilized lamp standards of spectral irradiance, in this case one lamp was calibrated by NIST (irradiance lamp number F330) and one was obtained from a commercial standards laboratory (irradiance lamp number F297 from Optronic Laboratories, Inc.
False color imagery in the VNIR and SWIR highlights soils and vegetation spectral characteristics specific to wetlands, pitcher plant bogs, mid-slope clay-silts, a nd upland soils and sediments.
The LISS-III sensor collects medium resolution data in three spectral bands in VNIR and one in Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) band with 23.
The prototype demonstration system built and tested under this effort will consist of two identical pods, each housing a VNIR MSI sensor, a broadband LWIR sensor, a 2D LiDAR sensor, a commercial off the shelf laser, and associated control, storage, and processing electronics.
Brown D J, Shepherd KD, Walsh MG, Mays MD, Reinsch TG (2006) Global soil characterization with VNIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy.
Brown DJ, Shepherd KD, Walsh MG, Dewayne Mays M, Reinsch TG (2006) Global soil characterization with VNIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy.
Therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate laboratory and in situ VNIR spectral signatures for the estimation of SOM, P, and K through ANN models, by exploiting the presumed potential of ANN to overcome the inherent problem of high cross-channel correlations among spectral bands of soils.
Total quantity or scope: Installations of small ( Arabidopsis thaliana ) and larger (30 cm to 120 cm height / 20 cm to 100 cm width ) for plant phenotyping cameras, imaging , comprising more a description of the position to be determined, kameraoptioineen (such as RGB, thermal , NIR, VNIR , SWIR , Fluorescence , Photosynthesis etc ) .
Detectors: VNIR detector (350-1000 nm): 512 element