VNNVietnam News Network
VNNSouth Vietnamese Navy
VNNVan Nederlandse Nationalisten (Dutch: Association of Dutch Nationalists)
VNNVirtual Network Navigator (Lucent)
VNNVillage News Network
VNNVacant National Number (Bellcore)
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Nervous necrosis virus (NNV), also known as nodavirus, has been recognized as the causative agent of VNN. Fish nodavirus belongs to the Nodaviridae family and the Betanodavirus genus.
(10.) Le Breton A, Grisez L, Sweetman J, Ollivier F (1997) Viral nervous necrosis (VNN) associated with mass mortalities in cage-reared sea bass, Dicentrarcus labrax (L.) J Fish Dis 20: 145-151.
Each individual measurement is then treated as a VNN with APS coordinates associated with it, as represented in Fig.
It is obvious that the simple methods like VNN and PTL achieve a satisfying computation performance for they adopt plain process architecture.
Mobile phase B: acetone, acetonitrile, methylene chloride (20:20:60 VNN).
The percent of inhibition obtained from Trichoderma against Rhizoctonia oryzae (isolates VHN, VHN1-3 and SMN1-7) were higher than Rhizoctonia solani (SMN1-5, SMC1-2 and VNN).
De acuerdo con el planteo presentado en VNN, este es el punto de partida para alegar que el problema del sentido en la historia desoye las necesidades vitales de los pueblos, transitando el pasado constantemente y de forma paradojica, como en un estado de paralisis.
VNN decided to have only majority stakes in its portfolio companies, adopting a more hands-on approach and monitoring the companies very closely.
Sitting in their cubicles, staffers at VNN's multimedia wing search the Web for videos to upload to their site.
Iniciado en Estados Unidos en el 2000, el ejercicio cuenta con una cadena virtual de noticias por cable, la Virtual News Network (VNN) y un sitio virtual en internet:
* On the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network (VNN) forum, a Virginia-based anti-Semite using the name N.B.