VNNICViet Nam Network Information Centre
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NTT Communications Vietnam, NTT Com's local subsidiary, will collaborate with VNNIC on service provision, as well as provide end-user companies with technical support for transitioning to IPv6.
VNNIC was founded on 28th April 2000, and carries out the functions of managing, allocating, supervising and promoting the use of Internet domain names, addresses, autonomous system numbers in Vietnam, providing Internet-related guidance, statistics on Internet usage, and representing Vietnam at Internet related events.
With the exclusive rights granted by VNNIC, Dot VN is the only company in the world that is allowed by the Vietnamese government to commercialize the PPC parking page," said Dot VN CEO Thomas Johnson.
With both options, Dot VN receives revenue, either from the sale of the domain registrations plus a commission from VNNIC or on a pay-per-click basis for sponsor links clicked on.
Statistics on Vietnam's Internet growth underline the importance of the recent developments between VNNIC and Dot VN.
In order to capture the high demand and to provide a full turn key Internet solutions to assist Vietnamese businesses and its citizens, Dot VN will continue to work closely with VNNIC to drive online domain name registration, as well as plan and build strategically located IDC's throughout Vietnam.
Nguyen Le Thuy, Director of VNNIC said, "We are very pleased to form this exclusive partnership with Dot VN to build and operate the first IDC in Vietnam.
Our joint venture with VNNIC is unique, since the partners are investing and sharing the profit from this IDC project.