VNPVoyageurs National Park (US NPS; Minnesota)
VNPKoninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Papier en Kartonfabrieken (Dutch: Royal Association of Dutch Paper and Paperboard; Netherlands)
VNPVideo Network Platform
VNPVan Nederlandse Poppodia (Dutch pop festival association)
VNPVirus Notification Program (college computer assistance)
VNPValovoi Nacional'nyi Produkt (Russian: Gross National Product)
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En los graficos 13 a) y 14 a) encontramos que, en general, el indicador VNP tiende a ser mas negativo en los bancos que estuvieron con mas frecuencia en el nucleo.
The following efforts were for 6 d unless abbreviated due to disturbance by carnivores: monitored (M) sites in VNP (Table 2), and sites inventoried for eastern heather vole (Phenacomys ungava) and northern bog lemming (Synaptomys borealis) (see below).
2008), mean retention rate for tail-mounted transmitters in VNP was 133 days with only 7% lasting > 360 days.
Because thermal conditions were predicted to influence bed site modification, we obtained ambient air temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation data for the period of use from the VNP meteorological station nearest the bed sites (mean 10.
The VNP had a little mud-brown coloration but with no observable algal growth (Figure 4).
For groups VNP and VCP, the disks were positioned vertically in wells with holders that allowed both surfaces to be colonized by cells.
Now they simply continued this effort by pressuring him to share power with the VNP and VRL.
No deberia ser ella, por tanto, la que reprochara a otros (concretamente a Rorty, VNP, pp.
We will continue to invest in GSS to ensure it offers the rich feature set and capabilities customers need, and is fully compatible with VNP.
Under the alliance, TODD's TC Reliance video system management software will control Minerva's VNP (Video Network Platform) MPEG encoder/decoder.
The 35-item VNP was developed to enhance volunteer retention by matching placement with volunteers' needs.
s ThunderCast/IP(TM) server and is compatible with Minerva's VNP and Optivision's NAC encoders.