VNSAVisiting Nurse Service and Affiliates (Akron, OH)
VNSAVolunteer Nonprofit Service Association
VNSAVirginia Nursing Students' Association
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Unlike network security and monitoring solutions that are completely "blind" to inter-VM communications, Altor's VNSA can alert data center administrators to security vulnerabilities and operational problems through the discovery of:
A single Altor Center management system supporting unlimited VNSA agents is available for $1,500 US.
Indeed, the work's understated tone and mildly disjointed organization sometimes beguile the power of its message--that (1) the systems perspective is a powerful means for exploring VNSA dynamics, and (2) the transition from understanding terrorism via natural-language and conceptual models to computational models is nigh.
identity and violence), Thomas, Kiser, and Casebeer provide us with an inventive framework for organizing "what we know" (or what we think we know) about how VNSAs really work.
After due diligence, VNSA selected AFFCF and has been the largest supporter (contributing nearly $800,000) of the foundation ever since.
VMware certification of VNSA is a key milestone for our company.
Enterprise licenses for VNSA start at $500 US per physical server, supporting an unlimited number of virtual machines.
Altor's VNSA provides unprecedented visibility into virtual switch traffic being deployed by enterprises, government agencies and organizations in regulated industries.
We're responding to a rapidly growing need for troubleshooting, auditing and compliance with VNSA.
We're responding to a rapidly growing need for auditing, security and regulatory compliance with our VNSA that represents an industry first.
The company launched its first product, the VNSA on March 17, 2008