VNSGVereniging Nederlandstalige SAP Gebruikers (Dutch: Dutch SAP Users Association; The Netherlands)
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EoACA[pounds sterling]As a result of the dialogue between SAP and the user groups, customers have choice and can now focus on the value proposition of SAP Enterprise Support,EoACA[yen] said Tonnie Van der Horst, SUGEN chairman and president, VNSG.
Current members include ASUG (North America), ASUG Brazil, ASUG Mexico, AUSAPE (Spain), DSAG (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), JSUG (Japan), SAPSA (Sweden), SAUG (Australia), SAP UK & Ireland User Group, SBN Norge (Norway), SUG-MENA (Middle-East, North Africa), USF (France), and VNSG (Netherlands).
Additionally, Tonnie van der Horst, president of the Dutch-speaking user group VNSG, was elected chairman.