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VNTRVariable Number of Tandem Repeats (genetics)
VNTRVariable Nucleotide Tandem-Repeat
VNTRVariable Number of Terminal Repeat
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Although the MLST and VNTR results concur that the PNG strains are closely related, our data suggest that VNTR has greater discriminatory power when used for investigations into the clonality and relatedness of V.
Subsequently, the length of the in silico-determined repeats was subtracted from the fragment length of each respective VNTR locus generated in 8 independent capillary electrophoresis runs of strain EDL933 to determine the offset (primer plus VNTR-flanking regions).
Clustered isolates were further genotyped by using an extended panel of 7 hypervariable VNTR loci (27).
This is supported by VNTR data, as these 2 isolates clustered phylogenetically with one of the samples obtained from an outbreak that occurred at the same polo club 3 months prior (groups 5 and 6, Table).
Table 1 shows size variation with calculated number of repeats and number of alleles for each of the 4 VNTR loci.
Spoligotyping and VNTR typing showed high similarities for all isolates.
The discriminatory power of VNTR and spoligotyping was calculated by using the Hunter Gaston Discriminatory Index.
These 68 and all 56 clinical isolates collected (all of which were related by MLST) were further analyzed by examining 5 VNTR loci.
tuberculosis isolates were genotyped by PCR amplification of the 12 MIRU-VNTR loci (18) and 9 additional VNTR loci (23-25) by using an automated technique as described (19).
Beijing isolates were further analyzed by using an additional panel of VNTR loci (0424, 0531, 1955, 1982, 2074, 2163a, 3232, 3239, 3336, and 3690, online Appendix Table).
8] This single insertion creates an eight-base stretch of cytosine instead of a seven-base stretch harboring in a coding VNTR region, and thus creates extreme difficulty for genetic testing.