VNWVirtual North Woods
VNWVerband Norddeutscher Wohnungsunternehmen (German: North German Housing Association)
VNWVerlag Neuer Weg (German: Distribution New Way; New Way Media Group)
VNWVereniging van Nederlandse Wapenverzamelaars (Dutch: Association of Dutch Arms Collectors; also seen as VVNW)
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PRODUCTS/SERVICES: VNW tension transducers are compact, value-priced, tension-sensing devices for measuring ribbon or narrow web tension on label presses and other cantilever-roll web machinery.
Brand Names: Bontec, Terrasafe, Bonar, NW, SNW, VNW
Weverslaan 15 9160 Lokeren, Belgium Telephone: 09-34098-11 Fax: 09-34882-02 Manufacturing Process: Needled Fibers: PET, PP, Polyamide, Polyacrylic Weights: 200-2000 gpsm Widths: Up to 500 cm Brand Names: NW, VNW, L.