VOADVoluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
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We are honored by this recognition and thankful to the VOAD partners for the opportunity to be a part of this historic initiative," said FLASH Senior Vice President Tim Smail.
Brian Fesler, pastor of the Church of Scientology, introduced and welcomed the speakers from VOAD and OEM, and explained the Church's role in disaster response with the Volunteer Ministers program.
Later that day, National VOAD will host the first ever "VOAD Think Tank".
In addition, he will join in the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between FEMA and National VOAD.
NVOAD policy stipulates, "The role of a VOAD group is not to manage disaster response operations; but it is instead to coordinate planning and preparations in advance of disaster incidents and operations.
National VOAD member organizations are preparing to respond in the U.
Today, VOAD is the leader and the "voice" for those nonprofit organizations and volunteers who work in all phases of disaster: preparedness, response, relief, recovery and mitigation.
Rebuilding Together is proud to be part of VOAD, and collaborate closely with other esteemed organizations who work to prepare for and respond to the expected and unexpected," said Gary A.
Workshops on cooperation and collaboration include benefits and methods for sharing services, Citizens Corps collaboration techniques, collaboration with national VOAD organizations, and media relations.
National VOAD Members Will be Available for Interviews and Photos Wednesday May 10 - Friday May 12, 2006 at the 14th Annual National VOAD Conference
WASHINGTON, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The 14th Annual VOAD Conference will include programs and activities designed to inspire, stimulate and provide the momentum needed as disaster response organizations support the recovery of families and communities affected by last year's devastating hurricane season, as well as support relief efforts following the recent destructive tornados that tore through the South and Midwest.
At times of national distress, the American public unites and comes forward in a generous outpouring of support for those who have been affected," said Ande Miller, executive director of National VOAD.