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VOCALVovida Open Communication Application Library
VOCALVictims of Crime Assistance League (Australia)
VOCALVictims of Child Abuse Laws (support group)
VOCALVictims of Crime and Leniency
VOCALVirginia Organization of Consumers Asserting Leadership (Charlottesville, VA)
VOCALVermont Open Circle Awareness League
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Patients with fixed vocal cords due to some growth of glottic region were enrolled.
Strobovideolaryngoscopy revealed immobility of the left vocal fold with a jostle sign, muscle tension dysphonia, reflux laryngitis, vocal fold bowing with glottic insufficiency, and a left vocal fold pseudocyst--a "paresis podule" (1) (figure).
The vocal warm-up aims to increase the blood flow, the oxygenation and the flexibility of tendons, ligaments and muscles, which allows greater glottal closure, increased flexibility of the vocal folds to proper stretching and shortening during frequency variations, vocal quality with higher component harmonic, increased sound pressure level (SPL) and improved vocal projection and articulation of sounds [1-4].
On a combination DVD and CD, Weinrich, Gottliebson, and LeBourgne provide amateur and professional singers and speakers with practical, didactic information regarding vocal dysfunction and strategies to promote vocal health.
Following the introductions are four chapters covering the Skeleton of the voice, the Generator, the Larynx, and the Vocal Tract.
None of the surgical procedures available for vocal fold scar is effective consistently.
As the Ken Tamplin vocal academy is growing daily in new vocal students, the community of singers continues to grow.
The researchers found that the big cats' vocal cords have an odd square shape and can withstand strong stretching and shearing.
When singers audition for American Idol, they show off their vocal skills in front of the judges in a relatively empty audition room.
The larynx is composed of cartilages, muscles, nerves, and the vocal folds.
David Hurwitz brings his lifetime of passion for music, thoughtful perceptions of music, and a ready wit to his study of Mozart's vocal works.
Technically we all have several vocal resonances; mostly we stay within our own range of sound.