VOCCVessel Operating Common Carrier
VOCCVoltage-Operated Calcium Channel (protein)
VOCCViolation Of Community Control (law enforcement)
VOCCVolatile Organic Compound Content
VOCCVEST Operations Control Center (NASA)
VOCCVenous Occlusion Cuff and Controller
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One question is whether the Commission can craft a general rule of universal nationwide applicability on detention, demurrage, and per diem provisions given the wide variety of commercial terms and conditions that are incorporated into VOCC service contracts and in MTO tariffs nationwide to address various events and circumstances.
HSCs activated by transforming growth factor-[beta]1 (TGF-[beta]1) express VOCC [102], suggesting that voltage-operated [Ca.
Some types of VOCC increase in their excitability, having lower thresholds to calcium entry.