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VOCEVocalists, Orchestral Instrumentalists and Chamber Music Ensembles (competition; Music Teachers' Association of California)
VOCEVoices of Cambridge Ensemble (UK)
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A more elastic footstep entered next; and now I opened my mouth for a 'good-morning,' but closed it again, the salutation unachieved; for Hareton Earnshaw was performing his orison SOTTO VOCE, in a series of curses directed against every object he touched, while he rummaged a corner for a spade or shovel to dig through the drifts.
There it is," cried the Jesuit; "the world still speaks within you in a loud voice, ALTISIMMA VOCE.
And in fact, reports of this kind, viva voce, made in the hearing of all parties, and liable to be contradicted or corrected on the spot, are more likely to convey accurate information to the public mind than those circulated through the press.
Poyser would probably have brought her rejoinder to a further climax, if every one's attention had not at this moment been called to the other end of the table, where the lyricism, which had at first only manifested itself by David's sotto voce performance of "My love's a rose without a thorn," had gradually assumed a rather deafening and complex character.
I had a similar description, viva voce, years ago," Arthur said when she had left us, "from a little girl.
He knew that he had done well, and though the second part of the examination was viva voce and he was more nervous, he managed to answer the questions adequately.
Seating myself near the window, a little back from the circle, I called Arthur to me, and he and I and Sancho amused ourselves very pleasantly together, while the two young ladies baited his mother with small talk, and Fergus sat opposite with his legs crossed and his hands in his breeches-pockets, leaning back in his chair, and staring now up at the ceiling, now straight forward at his hostess (in a manner that made me strongly inclined to kick him out of the room), now whistling sotto voce to himself a snatch of a favourite air, now interrupting the conversation, or filling up a pause (as the case might be) with some most impertinent question or remark.
He replaces them all by faint sensations, and especially by pronunciation of words sotto voce.
He stalked out into the verandah, put his hands in his pockets, and resumed the Recitativo of Moses, sotto voce, in the garden.
The company has also made announcement on the appointment of Daniel Plants, the Managing Partner of Voce Capital, into the Board of Directors of the maternity retailer.
The Voce Platform works by accumulating customer feedback on their experience across all Ooredoo touch points, call centres, retail or branch locations and mobile/social platforms.
The VOCE Platform will work by accumulating customer feedback on their experience across all of the operator's touch points - call centres, retail or branch locations and mobile/social platforms.