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VOCMVoice of the Common Man (Newfoundland radio station)
VOCMVoice of Calvary Ministries (est. 1962; Jackson, MS)
VOCMViewpoint-Oriented Conceptual Model
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According to VOCM News, Premier Dunderdale said yesterday that she expects Alderon to be given the final environmental green light on its Kami Project very early in the New Year.
On a number of occasions Williams publicly berated inquisitive or opinionated journalists with CBC radio, CBC TV, The Independent (now defunct), and VOCM, and then implemented a communications moratorium with them and/or their employers.
One of the most outward and visible examples of the work of VOCM is through its housing services.
In addition, the devices feature an internal common-mode feedback architecture, which allows the output common-mode voltage to be controlled by a voltage applied to the VOCM pin.
Designers can also use the VOCM of the amplifier to accomplish voltage level shifting.