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VOCODERVoice Operated Recorder (music)
VOCODERVoice Coder/Encoder
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4 vocoder in our product line, we are excited to once again lead the industry to be first to implement the AMBE+2 1.
The IPM-260, a complete VoIP media server solution, supports up to 240 ports per blade with support of vocoders such as: EVRC, AMR and G.
Using any of the three real-time vocoders built into Agilent's 8960, the PESQ measurement applies a male or female sample voice to a phone and compares the resulting voice signal to the reference.
A well-designed vocoder can endure random packet loss of up to 10% with only minor degradation of speech quality.
CML also offers designers the CMX608, a vocoder option without the integrated audio codec.
The performance advantages of CDMA vocoder technology, combined with GSM technology on our patented multi-technology platform, offer a unique switching solution for converged communications," said Jay Salkini, TECORE's president and CEO.
SQUIDGY synth, Philly flourishes, syndrums, vocoder vocals, disco cliches galore - but wait, Men Women & Children are first and foremost a rock band.
Under the terms of the agreement, CML will provide integrated circuits (IC's) to the worldwide communication markets based upon SPIRIT's proprietary Low Bit-Rate vocoder technology.
DSP Wizard, the leading supplier of telecom voice coder software, announced today that five eXpressDSP(TM) compliant vocoder algorithms are now available on Texas Instruments' (TI) power-efficient TMS320C55x(TM) DSPs.
5 million in additional funding under the second phase of DARPA's Advanced Speech Encoding (ASE 2) program to develop a noise-robust, ultra-low data rate vocoder for more efficient and effective radio communications.
729B vocoder and Bellcore Caller ID Detector for the Texas Instruments TMS320C54x processor series.