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VODACOMVoice Data Communication
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Shameel Joosub, Vodacom Group's CEO said "a lot of your data growth is driven by the same people who are trying to cannibalise you.
With regard to 4G services, Mutagahywa said: "Rollout will commence once Vodacom acquires spectrum.
It enabled Vodacom to design timely, relevant and contextual offers that uniquely addresses subscribers' persona and needs.
Under the new arrangement, Vodacom distributors will be able to secure loans worth up to six times their average commission earned over a six-month period, ranging from TSH 10 million to TSH 75 million ($45, 168).
Tata Communications confirmed the broad agreement, saying that Vodacom SA has agreed to buy the stake in Neotel, which has close to 1,000 employees and over 1,15,000 customers.
Vodacom will qualify for the service within 24 hours of the device being
Our engineering team is working hard to resolve the problem," Vodacom, a unit of Britian's Vodafone, said in a statement.
Vodacom Group CEO, Pieter Uys, said that the company could look for its own banking license if M-Pesa performs as well as expected.
Vodacom : Sir, I'm sorry but the bill won't actually tell you the name of the person you're calling, just their number.
Designed to take the guesswork out of complex server consolidation and capacity planning initiatives, Vodacom Business is using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell and virtualization and workload management solutions including PlateSpin Recon, PlateSpin Migrate and PlateSpin Protect from Novell to respond to growing business demands, improve server workload performance, reduce energy consumption and lower costs.
In addition, the cafes will also sell other Vodacom products and services, such as airtime vouchers, payphone calls and handset recharging, as well as acting as an agent for the M-pesa mobile money transfer service.
According to Balancing Act, South African wireless group Vodacom is close to signing a deal with Libya's state investment vehicle Libya Africa Portfolio (LAP) Green to take over its recently purchased operations in Rwanda and Uganda.