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VODERVoice Coder
VODERVoice Operated Demonstrator
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The Voder or Voice coder, the first electronic speech synthesis machine, was developed initially in the late 1920s by Bell Labs and demonstrated to the public at the New York World's Fair and at the San Francisco Golden Gate Exhibition in 1939.
Los metodos mas conocidos de drenaje linfatico manual son: a) el metodo Voder, b) el metodo Foldi y c) el metodo Leduc, aunque las diferencias entre ellos son minimas.
DOVER Delaware DERVO (OED tree), DEVOR (OED devoir), DREVO (OED tree), DROVE (many!), OVER'D (OED over 1825q), ROVDE (OED rove 1579q), ROVED (many), VEDOR (OED veedor), VEDRO (OED), VODER (OSPD, or Voder in OED random 1939q), VORDE (OED worth), VORED (TEA), VREDO (OED burning 1552q)