VODSVirtual Operational Data Store (various companies)
VODSVideo Operator Distress Syndrome
VODSVideo On Demand System
VODSVaccine Ordering and Distribution System (US CDC)
VODSVehicles On-line Descriptive Search (UK)
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Their business models include free service with advertisements (54.4%), subscription (15.9%), and a la carte VOD (10.2%; KCC, 2016; see Table 1).
To Caputi, "the potential of various VoDs is shown by the fact that SVoD and TVoD are premium services that require some form of payment, while AVoD is for free, and thus is good for library content.
Features include a fully managed embed code, simple syndication, social aggregation, integrated e-comm (including See-Now-Buy-Now), and live & VOD calls-to-action.
YuppTV is the world's largest Internet TV provider delivering 150+ Indian TV channels as Live & VOD covering 12 Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Gujarati, Bhojpuri and Assamese.
For example, Cisco reports saving more than $100 million a year by leveraging elearning to educate its workforce and partners, according to Mike Mitchell, director of Cisco Media Networks, who manages video on demand (VoD) inside the parent company Cisco Systems.
The Evolution Kit includes the new 2013 Smart Hub which shows five different panels where consumers can enjoy a wide range of content including Live TV programs, VODs, apps and Internet.
Yesterday, police said a search computer known as VODS would almost certainly have pinpointed the vehicle but it too has drawn a blank.
VideoAge: With the advent of different types of VoDs, how has your sales process and sales team been impacted?
These potent 'quad vods' are a recipe for disaster.
23, 2007, the first of 13 fraudulent VODs was allegedly faxed by Mr.
At IBC 2014, the comany will show a new, native application for iOS devices that enables delivery of VoDs that are DRM protected.
Clues to discovering this particular scheme are usually found in the verifications of employment and deposit (VOEs and VODs).