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VOFDMVector Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (Cisco)
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The BCM2200 wireless modem is a single-chip PHY/MAC device that integrates a VOFDM receiver, an OFDM burst transmitter and a full-featured DOCSIS 1.
In addition to path clearance issues, VOFDM addresses the recovery of signal in poor signal environments, by allowing service providers to install systems where traditional wireline or radio systems are not feasible.
Samsung's wireless CPE product based on the VOFDM technology will deliver high-speed, high reliability Internet and frame relay access, packet local and long distance business telephony services, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for branch and main office business services.
8) in the fourth quarter; -- Total minutes increased to 646 million for 2000; -- Completion of integration of Encom and Synetric acquisitions; -- First National Wireline IP Service Provider to deploy a last mile fixed; broadband Wireless solution utilizing VOFDM technology; -- U.
We are impressed with the potential of Cisco's VOFDM technology and are encouraged by the test results to date," said Carroll D.
VOFDM technology is broadband wireless technology that streams high-speed voice, video and data easily through congested city, suburban and rural environments by minimizing the line-of-sight limitations and installation problems faced by other broadband wireless access technologies.
Revolutionary VOFDM Technology Recognized as Most Innovative
Unlike traditional first-generation microwave systems, Cisco's VOFDM technology ensures a robust, fiber-quality end-to-end connection over a wireless network.
By using ART's wireless metropolitan networks with NetVoice's point-to-multi-point non-line-of-site technology, Cisco's VOFDM product line, NetVoice can expand its wireless service into locations without additional cost of equipment.
Cisco's VOFDM technology will allow us to extend our network from our existing 25 markets to the last mile.