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VOHVirtual Office Hours
VOHVariable Overhead
VOHVirtues of Harmony (Chinese TV show)
VOHVoltage Out High
VOHVoice of History
VOHVolatile Organic Hydrocarbons
VOHVehicle Operations - Program H
VOHVehicle Office H
VOHVerkehrsopferhilfe eV
VOHVillage of Hope (various locations)
VOHVictims of Homicide (Canada)
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The solution preferred by VOH to extend its activities to new markets was therefore a partnership with exclusive agents.
This conclusion was supported by Wallace, Baumeister, and Voh (2005), who find that home audience may increase choking.
My main study site, Oundjo (Figure 4), lies within the Hoot ma Whaap Region, mid-way between Kone and Voh.
Its primary slogan was Jo zameen ko boye jote, voh zameen ka malik hai (those who sow and plough the land are the owners of the land).
Latimid 68 H2 VOH is a 6/66 copolymer from Lati USA, Mt.
A new flame-retardant nylon copolymer, Latamid 68 H2 VOH, has been created by Lati USA for electrical and electronic (e/e) thin-wail applications.
This range encompasses bands corresponding to the 3vOH, 2vOH, vOH + vCH, and 2vCH glucose vibrational combinations.
Voh Shehla ko bhul nahin pate ya koi aur mil gayi hogi?
For VOH applications additional bracing of the ductwork is commonly required and exceptions identified through other industry standards can't be applied because they aren't recognized by the newer versions of the ASCE or the IBC.
She gives the settlements at Kone and Voh the same kind of microscopic treatment.
Aetna has also been instrumental in supporting our efforts to develop a 'HBCU President's Partners Council' to help us create new funding strategies for the 105 VOH and increase HBCU alumni involvement in our overall efforts.
RC-Class VOH (Figure 7) is the typical and preferred configuration for the large regional phone companies in the US.