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VOHVirtual Office Hours
VOHVariable Overhead
VOHVirtues of Harmony (Chinese TV show)
VOHVoltage Out High
VOHVoice of History
VOHVolatile Organic Hydrocarbons
VOHVehicle Operations - Program H
VOHVehicle Office H
VOHVerkehrsopferhilfe eV
VOHVillage of Hope (various locations)
VOHVictims of Homicide (Canada)
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This conclusion was supported by Wallace, Baumeister, and Voh (2005), who find that home audience may increase choking.
Actually it is a veau chaud (pronounced voh show) -- literally hot veal -- a slender 9- inch sausage made from edible bits of a cooked calf head, or tete de veau.
Children who bully contain specific characteristics like impulsivity, dominance, deficient empathy and children who learn these patterns in early ag set the course for later age violence (Baumeister, Campbell, Krueger, and Voh, 2003; Batsche and Knoff, 1994; Olweus, 1991).
Jis man ko laage naina, voh kisko dikhaaoon (The mind that you saw with your eyes, who do I show that to?
One such SMS read-Swamiji apne liye nahi , balki voh hamare aane wale khus-haal kal ke liye upvaas kar rahe hai, kya aap ghar par baithe rahenge?
Na puchho kih kyon "qaf" se ibtida hai Kih yeh ishq mein hurf-e akhir pada hai Zamane mein jo ishq kiintiha ho Voh us tafal ke ishq ki ibtida ho Na puchho kih kyon darmiyan hurf "ya" hai, Kih bas yar hi yar dil mein basa hai; Pada "sin" akhir mein us ka sabab kya, Kih akhir sa'adat hai anjam us ka [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
2009) reported non-significant responses to P fertilization, while Voh (1998) observed that of K fertilization.
This is consistent with results of previous studies such as those of Voh (1979), Osuji (1983), and Atala (1984).
requirements 5 Determine Air Distribution method - VOH or VUF or other?
ve-yad al tishlekhu voh [You cast him into the pit .
Men, Hali says, "are not at all aware of the battles you have fought/ only he can know the pain who on blistered feet has walked" (Ki hai muhim jot um ne sar, mardon ko us ki kya khabar/ jane parai pir voh jis ki buai ho pati).