VOHAPVolatile Organic Hazardous Air Pollutant
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Iron and Steel MACT Rule Synopsis (download a larger version at www.moderncasting.com) Final rule signed August 29, 2003 Emission Emission Limit or Comment Source Work Practice Standard Cupolas Existing PM limit of 0.006 Cupolas gr/dscf or total metal HAP of 0.0005 gr/dscf New Cupolas PM limit of 0.002 gr/dscf or total metal HAP of 0.0002 gr/dscf All new & VOHAP limit of 20 Afterburners at 130OF (15 existing Cupolas ppmv (corrected to min.
Hence, it coined the name "VOHAP" for the regulated emissions.
There appeared to be an ambiguous requirement imposed on the coatings end user to assure itself that its coatings were in fact compliant, i.e., the rule seemed to require each batch to be thoroughly tested by the manufacturer rather than relying on the normal quality assurance tests to ensure that the coatings met formula specifications and thereby the VOHAP limits.