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VOICEVoluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies (European NGO network; Brussels, Belgium)
VOICEVoice of Irish Concern for the Environment (Dublin, Ireland)
VOICEVoter Owned Iowa Clean Elections
VOICEVoices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
VOICEVirginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement
VOICEValley Organized in Community Efforts
VOICEVietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscience Empowerment (Washington, DC)
VOICEValidating OSA in Industrial CIM (Computer-Integrated Manufacturing) Environments
VOICEVoters Organization Involved in Children's Education
VOICEVoter's Organization Interested in Children's Education
VOICEVision, Organization, Integrity, Communication and Execution (leadership traits)
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Voice recognition systems range from high-end applications for medical professionals to low-end programs that allow users to navigate the internet.
In order to capture and maintain market share, service providers and their equipment providers must now take additional steps to ensure that while they can support and integrated network they will be able to support the high level of voice traffic the end user has continued to expect.
Basically, the voice work wasn't happening, and Griffith was convinced her career in animation was over before it could even begin.
Myrtle was truly the first noiseless voice for women in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).
The search results are then converted to voice and given to the user.
Voice over Broadband (VoB) is a new technology application for broadband networks that enables service providers to leverage their investments in broadband access networks to deliver not only high-speed data services, but also multiple lines of toll-quality voice over the same broadband pipe.
This research service titled Analysis of Asia Pacific Next Generation Enterprise Voice Services Market offers a practical and compelling analysis of the key growth opportunities, market drivers, and restraints in the above-mentioned field.
The first and only digital home remote for Windows XP Media Center allowing you to use voice commands to control the Media Center experience and Skype phone calling.
Simple to use voice commands with no voice training required
For 10 years SPIRIT has been developing and providing high quality voice products to telecom infrastructure equipment and terminal devices manufacturers.
Helping Compal deliver VoIP-enabled 3G video phone SPIRIT licensed TeamSpirit (TM) Mobile voice engine components to integrate into Compal handset to enhance video call's voice.