VOLAGVoluntary Agent
VOLAGVoluntary Resettlement Agency
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Because of the under-representation of non-Christian FBOs in the USAID 2005 VolAg report, additional participants were contacted in each country based on religious identity.
(1) I was able to code for a total of 461 organizations included in USAID's 2005 VolAg report, which operate in more than 160 countries worldwide.
For the qualitative part of the study, four types of in-depth, qualitative data were ultimately collected: first, 20 hours of observation of two WorkStyles program sessions, performed by CBR graduate students; second, interviews of VOLAG representatives; third, focus groups of WorkStyles and non-WorkStyles refugees; and fourth, a focus group of WorkStyles trainers (including three trainers who are refugee community members).
Next, the rationale behind having qualitative comparison groups (to compare the impact of WorkStyles versus other comparable pre-employment programs) was challenged by the interview information gleaned from the VOLAG representatives.
(3) The WorkStyles and VOLAG staff agreed on a simple language assessment system based on a standardized test used for placement in the WorkStyles program.
Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency cannot reimburse a VOLAG that proselytizes its religion in the course of dispensing relief assistance to disaster victims.
Voluntary nonprofit organizations, community service groups, and religious organizations that provide assistance in the aftermath of a disaster or an emergency are often referred to as VOLAGs, or voluntary agencies.
The Volags vary in organization, capability, and geographical
Refugees, and Migration (PRM) instructs the Volags to "[d]escribe
In addition, the state receives a highly diverse and continually changing group of refugees each year, requiring a level of cultural competency that the Volags [voluntary agencies] can provide but the state lacks.
Only in cases where the anchor is unwilling or clearly unable to provide the described level of support will VOLAGs find a third party in terms of volunteers from churches.
Funding concerns also led to a history of distrust between VOLAGs, some mainstream service providers and Hmong MAAs that caused less cooperation and a greater sense of competition.