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She did not like it, but the impulse that made her turn it over was not one of displeasure but fear, because for a minute she fancied the paper was the Volcano.
He could see the carter's bare chest collapse with amazement, as the man salaamed reverently to the voice, leaped from the pole, and helped the escort haul their volcano on to the main road.
In reading that man's poetry, I tremble like one who stands upon a volcano, conscious from the very darkness bursting from the crater, of the fire and the light that are weltering below.
Great stones were thrown up as from a volcano, some of them, great masses of hard stone, squared and grooved with implements wrought by human hands, breaking up and splitting in mid air as though riven by some infernal power.
Yes, I am the sleeping volcano, and one morning, monsieur, I have suffered the eruption.
Smallweed, and bolts along the passage as if he had an acceptable commission to carry the old gentleman to the nearest volcano.
The fire now filled the entire waist of the vessel, and the noise of it was as the rumble and roar of a volcano.
The sight of the planet through a telescope is worth all the course on astronomy; the shock of the electric spark in the elbow, outvalues all the theories; the taste of the nitrous oxide, the firing of an artificial volcano, are better than volumes of chemistry.
It is, perhaps, only a volcano in full activity," said he.
A slight flush spread over the cheeks of the priest with their high bones, like the puff of smoke which announces on the outside the secret commotions of a volcano.
And now, in this burning tomb, this subterranean volcano, seek the king's guards with their blue coats laced with silver.
We're living on a volcano," said Bert, disregarding the suggestion.