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VOLEVereniging Omwonenden Luchthaven Eelde (Dutch: Residents Association of Airport Eelde; Eelde, Netherlands)
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Previous research showed water voles vanishing from 94% of places they were once found - and the latest data reveals the species' range continues to contract.
This combination has meant up to 90% of the UK's water vole population have been lost during the past few decades.
The distribution report underlines how important our water vole reintroduction work is at Kielder and why it is so important that our project continues.
Voles are compact rodents with stocky bodies, short legs and short tails and can be mistaken for mice.
The study involved three groups of vole couples who helped study a different scenario.
To monitor vole abundance during the complete population fluctuation, we sampled 80 [km.
HUNDREDS of water voles were set free yesterday to begin the biggest reintroduction of the endangered species in one location in the UK.
They found many signs of water vole activity among the green habitats including feeding remnants, burrows and footprints.
The following efforts were for 6 d unless abbreviated due to disturbance by carnivores: monitored (M) sites in VNP (Table 2), and sites inventoried for eastern heather vole (Phenacomys ungava) and northern bog lemming (Synaptomys borealis) (see below).
Most experts suggest that if you have a serious mole or vole infestation, you should first try passive measures that discourage these animals.
California vole nests are reported up to 25 cm in diameter (Stark, 1963), so we expected this size to provide a good approximation for their nests while still providing a practical size for transport.
Stig will track for signs of water vole life enabling conservationists to monitor the progress of this new colony at Thorley Wash in Hertfordshire.