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VOLEVereniging Omwonenden Luchthaven Eelde (Dutch: Residents Association of Airport Eelde; Eelde, Netherlands)
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The role that exogenous sources (i.e., other animals, environmental sources) might play in modulating infection prevalence among vole populations still needs to be clarified.
They found many signs of water vole activity among the green habitats including feeding remnants, burrows and footprints.
Because the first specimen of the eastern heather vole (Phenacomys ungava) in Minnesota was for long identified as a rock vole (Handley, 1954), we examined the diagnostic dental patterns of several hundred rock voles and the first 100 heather voles encountered.
Most experts suggest that if you have a serious mole or vole infestation, you should first try passive measures that discourage these animals.
Captive housing during water vole (Arvicola terrestris) reintroduction: does short-term social stress impact on animal welfare?
VOLES are sometimes called "meadow mice." They do look like mice, but they are rounder and have furry, short tails.
Because there were so few old forests in the initial random sample, Oregon Department of Forestry biologists were concerned that we might overlook the presence of remnant vole populations in old forests.
Cheshire Wildlife Trust is in the process of developing a water vole recovery strategy and have invited HS2 to help them with this.
"This will help form our future water vole conservation efforts."
It's a crying shame because when I was a lad, walking along the banks of streams, the sudden "plop" of a water vole was a regular feature.