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VOMVolt-Ohm-Meter (electronic measuring instrument)
VOMVoice of the Martyrs
VOMVoice of the Member (various organizations)
VOMVolunteer of the Month
VOMVendor of the Month (various organizations)
VOMVeil of Maya (band)
VOMValley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School (San Francisco, CA)
VOMVereniging voor Oppervlaktetechnieken van Materialen (Dutch: Association for Surface Material Techniques)
VOMVeterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
VOMValue of Originating Material (trade)
VOMVerification of Mortgage
VOMVoice of Music
VOMVariable Operations and Maintenance
VOMVehicle Order Management
VOMVoice of Management
VOMVehicle Office Mobile
VOMVisitor Operations Manager
VOMVereinigung Osterreichischer Milchverarbeiter (German: Austrian Dairy Association)
VOMVerband Österreichischer Müntenzhändler (Vienna, Austria)
VOMVirtual Operational Missile
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VOM FASS Naples is now open at Mercato, 9100 Strada Place, Suite 2112.
Every product at VOM FASS is ready for sampling "from the cask," the English translation of VOM FASS, with quality spirits, liqueurs and a wide variety of wines encased in tantalizing cask pyramids, glass balloons and vinegar and oil stoneware crocks.
VOM FASS features handmade products from selected artisans who use traditional methods and follow exacting standards to produce their products.
Country: USASector: Telecommunications, Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: VOM Solutions LLCBuyer: TeleFix Communications Holdings IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: ExclusivityComment: LoI
VOM has grown dramatically over the last two or three decades.
VOM is an important component of the restorative-justice movement, which attempts to treat crimes as conflicts between the victim, the offender, and the community.
TEST PROBES: Attach alligator clips (a must-have accessory) to the testing probes, connect the clips to the power plug, and turn on the VOM.
TEST PROBES: Attach alligator clips to each lead on the heating element and turn on the VOM.
Like other programs born of the Restorative Justice Movement, VOM seeks to cure perceived problems with the traditional criminal justice process.
In summary, proponents of VOM maintain that the program will empower the victim while reducing recidivism among offenders.
People who have a passion for cooking would get the chance to incorporate VOM FASS's exclusive selection of culinary oils, fruit wine and balsamic vinegars, wines, liqueurs, and spirits into everyday dining.
VOM FASS's products fit perfectly on the pantry shelves, and in the cabinets, of people who enjoy cooking, especially those interested in the slow food movement.