VOMAVictim Offender Mediation Association
VOMAVictorian Office of Multicultural Affairs (Australia)
VOMAVietnam Open Mess Agency
VOMAVictim of Modern Age
VOMAVehicle Operations-Maintenance Assistant (United States Postal Service)
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Glory Voma, Lisa Tarbuck, Dona Morris, Colin Jones and Darren Wyn Lloyd at the Genesis ceremony
(155) Telephone Interview with Kate Kendrick, supra note 147; see also Alice Ierley & Carin Ivker, Restoring School Communities: A Report on the Colorado Restorative Justice in Schools Program, VOMA CONNECTIONS, Winter 2003, (Insert), at 1, 2 (noting the Department of Health and Human Services' "long-term commitment" to helping Broomfield schools maintain a restorative environment).
by means of advance measures (voma) bsa, the functionality of bsa must be ensured in the tunnels in the lengnau - luterbach section until the conservation project is over.
Contracts awarded: N13 ep02 mesocco - voma tunnel benabbia and gorda + noise barriers mesocco, local direction works (dlt)
Invitation to tender: N05.72 080011 - upn.la neuveville - bienne-ouest - works gc voma bsa ligertunnel 2018 (domain t / g) (id 4955)
Invitation to tender: N05.72 080011 - Upn.La Neuveville - West Biel - Works GC VoMa BSA Ligertunnel 2018 (Domain T / G) (ID 4955)
Invitation to tender: 070085 n13 ep02 mesocco (noise barriers) voma, lot 100 - works of the masonry company
These works, on the basis of various studies (inspections, investigations, etc) as well as the findings of the u ii, the ofrou has decided to carry out the remediation of these early (voma) compared to the project scheduled maintenance can be synthesized as follows: -pont on gerignoz: complete restoration, in particular replacement of the watertightness, the coating, the joints of pavement as well as the cleaning of curbs and drainage system.-chaney viaduct: partial reconditioning, in particular replacement of road joints and ad hoc remediation of various elements.
Invitation to tender :Project description N13 EP02 Mesocco - VOMA Benabbia and Gorda Tunnel + Mesocco Sound, Local Works Directorate (DLL)
von Nicht ffnenOffertunterlagen N08.56 080197 EP Interlaken West - Ost 1 Etappe VoMa Instandsetzung"
Invitation to tender : 070054 N01 / 54 SWO, VoMa Zentrale Htteren Construction: Various repair works, retrofitting measures as well as crack injections in the Htteren headquarters
It is the subject of a VoMa, which is to make the entire building safer and to restore it.