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VOMITVoice over Misconfigured Internet Telephony
VOMITVoice Over Misconfigured Internet Telephones (software to make recordings of IP telephones)
VOMITVictim of Medical Imaging Technology
VOMITVitals, Oxygen, Monitor, IV, Transport (patient treatment mnemonic)
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As she vomited it up, it was like the water in a cauldron when it is boiling over upon a great fire, and the spray reached the top of the rocks on either side.
Then I grew sick, and retched to vomit, but could not, for I had nothing in my stomach to bring up.
The Kaolians were forming under their officers in readiness to board, and then a sudden fierce fusillade from the rifles of the green warriors vomited their hail of death and destruction into the side of the brave flier.
With a perfectly breath-taking suddenness several mast sheaves of varicolored rockets were vomited skyward out of the black throats of the Castle towers, accompanied by a thundering crash of sound, and instantly every detail of the prodigious ruin stood revealed against the mountainside and glowing with an almost intolerable splendor of fire and color.
Some moments after, the two funnels of the frigate vomited torrents of black smoke, and the bridge quaked under the trembling of the boilers.
A few moments after, the funnel of the Henrietta vomited forth torrents of smoke.
He also found that younger dogs are more likely to eat plants, while older dogs that ate plants were more likely to appear ill or vomit. The dogs who already appeared sick before eating grass were most likely to vomit afterward.
However, continued vomiting can lead to dehydration, depression or lethargy, blood in the vomit or feces, abdominal pain, a loss of appetite, or other complications that require medical attention.
The four-point severity score (1,22) showed that in group II, eight patients had vomited up to two hours after surgery compared to one patient in group I (p=0.013).
According to the site the actress claimed his vomiting made her realise then that she is "a monster" who makes people vomit just by touching her.
THE next time your child vomits in the school bus, don't blame the milk or the earlymorning start to school.
When he became violent and persisted, she coughed hard and pretended that she wanted to vomit. The driver was said to have quickly jumped back in his seat q and unlocked the doors for O.S.