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VOMPVictim-Offender Mediation Program (various locations)
VOMPVest of Many Pockets (Tilley)
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VOMP is designed to provide market share and trend information for a client's specific retail pharmacy, enabling clients to measure performance by providing an expansive variety of information, including the total number of prescriptions dispensed at a client's retail pharmacy chain by therapeutic class as well as the percentage change in prescriptions, year over year; total reimbursement or cash collected on prescriptions dispensed at a chain as well as the total percentage change, year over year; and total prescription dollars compared with the rest of the market for a therapeutic class.
In addition, say the partners, VOMP provides an index percentage that quickly identifies how well a client's pharmacy performs in a particular therapeutic area compared with the overall market.
Clients using VOMP will be able to learn whether their pharmacy is increasing its market share, whether their business is trending in line with the market and how their market share or sales and prescription volume by therapeutic class trends against the market.