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VOMSVirtual Organization Membership Service (database)
VOMSVirtual Organization Management Service
VOMSVehicle Order Management System (Chevrolet dealer system)
VOMSVoucher Management System
VOMSVirtual Office Management Solutions (Victoria, Australia)
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proposed a grid-based ROAM authorization management framework [8] based on VOMS authorization model.
VOMS, an authorization system for virtual organizations.
VOMS provides a convenient and cost-effective compliance solution for identifying and verifying the active duty military status of a borrower as defined by the SCRA, which provides certain protections to active-duty service-members, Reservists and members of the National Guard.
VOMS provides a critical due-diligence and compliance solution to help guide servicers in the appropriate management of SCRA-protected borrowers facing foreclosures.
In addition to simplifying SCRA compliance requirements, VOMS allows servicers to identify and take proactive measures to update borrowers' active duty information for refinance opportunities, loan modifications, adjustable loan rate changes and foreclosure assessment, according to CoreLogic.
While there are many "within-model" variations and multiple names for most restorative conferencing practices, the four prominent distinctive models are: VOM, FGC, Circles, and NABs.
11) Notwithstanding the growth and continuing presence of NABs in more than a dozen states and numerous municipalities, (12) studies of these programs are more limited in number than research on FGCs and VOM, though a number of recent rigorous studies indicate NABs have a positive impact.
For authorization, a VOMS service approach has been chosen.
The VOMS authorization process is described by the following steps (Figure 2).