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VOMSVirtual Organization Membership Service
VOMSVirtual Organization Membership Service (database)
VOMSVirtual Organization Management Service
VOMSVehicle Order Management System (Chevrolet dealer system)
VOMSVoucher Management System
VOMSVirtual Office Management Solutions (Victoria, Australia)
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A continuous thin black metal railing traced the outline of the playing area and the voms, just a foot above the toes of the first row at the edge of the stage, then rising along the edge of each vomitory, making a graceful curve at the top before coming back down the other side, adding a thin sinuous line to the room.
A brief vestibular/ocular motor screening (VOMS) assessment to evaluate concussions preliminary findings.
The VOMS assessment was recently validated for identifying concussions in a preliminary investigation at UMPC (Am.
In this example, each DFD element of Figure 1(b) has now been assigned an asset value and the only process, VOMS server, has been assigned a language.
proposed a grid-based ROAM authorization management framework [8] based on VOMS authorization model.
VOMS allows mortgage servicers to quickly and accurately identify borrowers protected under the Service-members Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA)-which bans such actions as foreclosures and caps interest rate increases for those on active duty and for up to 90 days following discharge-to help ensure the proper handling of foreclosures on protected borrowers in accordance with SCRA requirements, and avoid potential regulatory investigations, lawsuits and costly settlements for noncompliance.
While the excitement about "'conferencing" models from New Zealand and Australia brought international attention to restorative justice, long-standing and "new" North American practices--including Victim-Offender Mediation ("VOM"), Peacemaking Circles ("Circles"), and other models-gained both popularity and expanded application.
When students are using a VOM, expect that they will forget to switch from "ohms" mode to "current" as they take in-circuit measurements--this will kill the VOM.
For authorization, a VOMS service approach has been chosen.
The control right can do more than help restore a sense of victim empowerment: it will likely encourage voluntary victim--offender mediation (VOM), which has been demonstrated to assist the emotional healing process for victims while perhaps decreasing recidivism rates.
VOMs come with two colored testing probes that connect to jacks in the meter.
They're reeling under a malfunctioning vehicle ordering system (GM calls it VOMS) that's taking inordinate amounts of personnel time to manage, while almost ensuring most stores won't get what they ordered.