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VONVictorian Order of Nurses (Canada)
VONVideo over the Net
VONVault of Night (gaming)
VONVrij Op Naam (Dutch real-estate term)
VONVoice on the Net
VONValue Overlay Network
VONVoice of Nigeria
VONVoice Over Network
VONVoice on the Net Coalition
VONVoice On the Network
VONVirtual On-Net
VONVictory Orgasm Nazis (band)
VONVirtual Overlay Network
VONVerkoop Op Naam (Dutch real estate term)
VONVirtual Optical Network
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All I need say, just now, is, that the Baroness Von Koeldwethout somehow or other acquired great control over the Baron Von Koeldwethout, and that, little by little, and bit by bit, and day by day, and year by year, the baron got the worst of some disputed question, or was slyly unhorsed from some old hobby; and that by the time he was a fat hearty fellow of forty-eight or thereabouts, he had no feasting, no revelry, no hunting train, and no hunting--nothing in short that he liked, or used to have; and that, although he was as fierce as a lion, and as bold as brass, he was decidedly snubbed and put down, by his own lady, in his own castle of Grogzwig.
Upon every one of these anniversaries, the venerable Baroness Von Swillenhausen was nervously sensitive for the well-being of her child the Baroness Von Koeldwethout; and although it was not found that the good lady ever did anything material towards contributing to her child's recovery, still she made it a point of duty to be as nervous as possible at the castle of Grogzwig, and to divide her time between moral observations on the baron's housekeeping, and bewailing the hard lot of her unhappy daughter.
von Horn, who had been oftenest with her father, who gave her the first intimation of what was forthcoming.
"And to a protracted residence on one of the Pamarung Islands?" continued von Horn.
They had been broken upon the night that Lys had been seen talking with von Schoenvorts.
In fact, as I had given the matter thought, it seemed incredible that the girl could have passed through my room, in which Bradley and I slept, and then carried on a conversation in the crew's room, in which Von Schoenvorts was kept, without having been seen by more than a single man.
Herr Captain Wilhelm von Heumann, if you look in the list.
I doubt if the skipper himself knows that von Heumann has it on him."
He saw Baron Friedrich von Schoenvorts and six of his men--all armed--while marching in a little knot among them were Olson, Brady, Sinclair, Wilson, and Whitely.
Von Schoenvorts walked in the rear of the column, encouraging Schwartz and laughing at the discomfiture of the Britishers.
"Oh, my father, at first, and then Von, and his cowboys.
When MACKINTOSH'S MAGAZINE published "The Palmist," featuring it with decorations by Berthier and with two pictures by Wenn, Hermann von Schmidt forgot that he had called the verses obscene.