VONAVoices of Our Nations Arts
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Dismantle: An Anthology of Writing From the VONA / Voices Writing Workshop.
This expanded volume charts vast horizons for Irish poetry through lyrics of global mobility and natural cosmopolitanism: we read of Sinead Morrissey saying "farewell to Mao's mausoleum/through the glass" of her train window as she departs from Beijing, of Vona Groarke working abroad but able to "babysit by Skype," and of Rita Ann Higgins in Texas where "after the conference/they put on a ceili.
Dairy Maid has been owned and operated by the Vona family since 1946 and is currently led by brothers Jimmy and Jody.
Terminally ill teenager Jessica Law and her mum Vona also got involved as the charity has supported them for 17 years.
Sleeper is a minimalist black box performance directed by Leal Vona and driven by the complex characters of Adam and Isabelle - played by Rocco Chierichella and Christina Roman respectively.
The leader of the nationalist party Jobbik, Gabor Vona, called for interior minister Sandor Pinter to resign and challenged Orban to a public debate over the "Roma question" in Hungary.
All previous winners of this award were present except for Vona Smith UE, a past President of the Vancouver Branch.
One of the most famed poets in Ireland, Vona Groarke earns her fame with "Spindrift".
Despite the strong headwinds, Jobbik has managed to double its voters over the past year," Gabor Vona, the party's president, said after preliminary results were announced by the National Election Office.
Vona Scheideger told the February 20 Times-Reporter that the family's pets are very precious to them, referring to the animals as part of the "family.
Creative Writing Workshop, a Cave Canem fellow, and VONA alumnus.
Vona also insists that his Guardsmen are strictly unarmed.