VONAVoices of Our Nations Arts
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Fitzgibbons, Taylor Larsen and Vona scored first-period goals to give Assumption a 3-0 lead, Fitzgibbon's coming off an assist from Retelle 1:30 into the game, Larsen's coming short-handed at 6:39 and Vona's at 8:36.
1] Norstar 115 a([dagger]) 19 a Roughrider 102 b 17 bc Tam 107 78 c 16 c Vona 105 b 18 ab
Vona Smith UE represented Vancouver Branch at the sixth anniversary of Thompson Okanagan Branch and at the Cornwall Conference.
For further information about the event or to book a place ring Vona Law on 01824 708047 or e-mail: vona.
Vona Smith hosted her stay with the Vancouver Branch.
The Purple Knights (1-2, 0-1) scored the next three goals to take the lead, but freshman right wing Jamie Vona, freshman left wing Keven Meehan and junior left wing Adam Gaudreau scored third-period goals for the Greyhounds.
Eleanor Sanderson gave me her notes and permission to reproduce her address [to the Victoria Branch, 17 April 1996] when Vona SMITH and I stayed with her in 1996.
The Hungarian Guard was founded in August 2007 at the initiative of Gabor Vona, head of the Jobbik Party.
He married Vona Rogene Weideman in Grants Pass on March 29, 1947.