VORADVehicle Onboard Radar
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An Eaton Vorad low-powered radar will be used for side vehicle detection and a laser system will be used for longitudinal control.
Beginning in June, 1994, the EVT-200 collision warning system (CWS) from Eaton VORAD Technologies - a joint venture between Eaton Corporation, Allstate Insurance and M/A-COM - has been available to fleets through truck OEMs as a retrofit unit.
According to studies conducted by NHTSA and Daimler Benz, noted Don Purtill, vice president of marketing for Eaton VORAD, many accidents could be avoided if the driver was warned of an impending collision one-half to one second sooner.
An example of collision warning is the vehicle on-board radar (VORAD) vehicle detection and alert system offered by IVHS Technologies and the EATON Corp.
The VORAD system determines the position and speed of objects ahead.
The VORAD system also features a black box capability that aids in reconstructing the events leading up to the collision.
VORAD is being installed on some 2400 Greyhound buses, as well as on numerous independently operated trucks.
All three COMBATT designs have the Eaton Vorad Collision Warning System (CWS).
According to the Army, "42 percent of peacetime fatalities suffered by the Army have occurred in convoy accidents." Therefore, the Volvo hybrid tractor will be equipped with the Eaton Vorad collision warning system.