VORDViewpoint - Oriented Requirements Definition
VORDVirginia Organization for Resource Development (Virginia Community College System)
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'Dere some hard vord vos,' said Adolf, patiently, 'of which I gannot dze meaning.'
'But,' proceeded Adolf, 'of one vord, of dze vord "giss", I dze meaning know.
'Zere are here,' continued Adolf, unseeing, 'some beyond-gombarison hard vords vich I do nod onderstand.
Had Britain come under attack, the first point of contact would have been at Saxa Vord, which was eventually mothballed in 2005, only to be reactivated in 2017 as an unmanned radar station to provide improved coverage of the airspace in the region.
Frank has applied for planning permission from Shetland Council and a launch licence from the UK Space Agency, who have said Saxa Vord is an ideal location as regulations dictate that spacecraft do not fly over "populated areas".
Regulations dictate that spacecraft do not fly over "populated areas" and Saxa Vord would give satellite launchers a clear, unobstructed route into orbit.
Van Der Vord is to return to Credit Suisse where he was global vice chair of consumer retail investment banking from August 2009 to August 2016.
The subunits vorD, vorA, and vorB of VORwere located downstreamof the por/vorG, and then the porA and porB were located downstream of the vor genes.
9 The Sergeants' Mess Hostel at Saxa Vord Head to the most northerly populated island in the British Isles and you are less than 200 miles from Norway and on the same latitude as Greenland, but you will find cosy accommodation in the Saxa Vord Sergeants' Mess Hostel.
The Prid Awards (8.00pm Carol Vord annual star show from Grosvenor winners inc leukaemia pounds 600,000 fo de of Britain 2009 m) erman hosts the r-studded awards m London's House, where clude a boy with who helped raise or charity.
Lighthouses double as guest-rooms, and a former Cold War radar station - Saxa Vord - also makes top-quality lodging.