VORIViticultural and Oenological Research Institute (South Africa)
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The cell count was significantly decreased in the [C.sub.max] concentrations of fluconazole (FLUCO) and voriconazole (VORI) compared with the negative control in medium and plasma (Figure 1(a)).
It has been argued [Melitz and Vori, 1993] that the individual countries, or at least the larger ones amongst them, can undertake such stabilisation services internally.
Another half billion speak it as a foreign language, which far surpasses the number of speakers of any other language in history, claims Abley in an extraordinarily sobering chapter entitled "Don't Vori, Bi Khepi." It is a chapter that he must have considered labeling "English, the Killer Language." In one of the shortest sections in the book, Abley lays out the case for the power that exists not just in "bank accounts and gun barrels" but in the language that governs.
Melitz and Vori (1992) note that shocks to real per-capita GDP are positively correlated across member states, limiting the potential for mutual insurance.
The debate over fiscal federalism examines the question where stabilization mechanisms should be located, ie whether at the European or at the national level (eg Melitz and Vori 1992, von Hagen and Hammond 1995).
For one, as Melitz and Vori (1992) note, shocks to real per capita GDP in the EU are positively correlated, so the potential for mutual insurance is small.
Rather, it reviews the insights of that theory in order to draw the relevant implications concerning the conduct of national fiscal policies in a monetary union [Eichengreen, 1990; Melitz, 1991; Bayoumi and Eichengreen, 1992; de Grauwe, 1992; yon Hagen and Neumann, 1992; Bini Smaghi and Vori, 1993].