VORPVictim Offender Reconciliation Program
VORPValue Over Replacement Player (baseball statistic)
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Since the development of VORPs, restorative justice has continued to grow in popularity and one can find its application in a variety of legal jurisdictions and cultural contexts (Dignan, 2007).
As noted previously, they broadly resemble VORPs and other restorative processes in their structure and goals.
Battey ranked among the AL's top five catchers in VORP during each of his six full seasons with the Twins, but as good as his bat was, it couldn't compete with his amazing arm.
Puckett is the clear-cut number three choice based on WAR, VORP, Win Shares, and various other metrics, although certainly it would have been a different story had his career not been cut short coming off one of his best seasons at age 35.
In its simplest definition VORP measures the amount of runs contributed above what a replacement-level player would produce in the same percentage of team plate appearances.
In terms of logging statistics, only the VORP total(s) for the duration of the low-risk contract qualified.
Almost 80 percent of both victims and offenders who had gone through VORP believed that justice had been served in their cases.
VORPs in their "classic" form consist of a face-to-face encounter between the victim and the offender in cases in which the defendant has already admitted to the offense.
The VORP Book: A Resource of the National Victim Offender Reconciliation Resource Center (Valparaiso, Indiana: 1982), 22.
2 VORP was second only to Livan Hernandez's insane VORP of 35.
Chapters include: Challenging the Assumptions; Theoretical Issues; Moral and Philosophical Foundations of Restorative Justice; Community Is Not a Place; Linking Crime Prevention to Restorative Justice; Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention on Restorative Justice That Contrasts Several of the Processes; Practical Concerns; Community Conferencing as a Special Case of Conflict Transformation; Psychology of Community Conference; Building Peace, The VORP Approach; and Community Justice Sanctioning Models.
Chapters include: Moral and Philosophical Foundations of Restorative Justice, Community Is Not a Place, Linking Crime Prevention to Restorative Justice, Practical Concerns, Building Peace, the VORP Approach and Community Justice Sanctioning Models.