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VORSVery Old Rare Sherry (wine)
VORSVinum Optimum Rare Signatum (Latin wine term)
VORSVictim Offender Restitution Services (Centinela Youth Services, Inc.; Hawthorne, CA)
VORSVirtual Organization Resource Selector (computer science)
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You'll depart from Sanderson's Runway 23 following the obstacle departure procedure, which calls for a climbing left turn to intercept R-230 from the Seattle VOR (SEA) inbound to the CARRO intersection.
Retain VORs to perform Instrument Landing System (ILS), Localizer I (LOC), or VOR approaches supporting MON airports at suitable destinations within 100 nm of any location within the CONUS.
In this research, we tried to look beyond the science and focus also on the impact on the economies and culture of northern people," said Vors.
The FAA is gradually decommissioning many navaids through a program known as the VOR Minimum Operational Network (MON).
A public notice scheduled for early this year is planned to list all 308 VORs proposed for decommissioning and the public will be invited to comment, the association said.
0 nm east of the VOR, or in other words, nowhere close to the missed approach point.
Those original plans have been scaled back, and the new targets are for 867 VORs to be in service on Jan.
The Minimum Operational Network is a scaled-down network, from 967 VORs today to about 650 by 2025.
There are many other concerns we may have with the FAA's eventual plans to retire VORs, but reducing the number of airports served by an approach is not something the FAA should implement.
The current plan is to trim the 967 existing VORs by 300, in three phases of 100 each by 2025.
Somewhere in your instrument training, your double-I exposed you to the vagaries of sundry non-precision approaches (NPAs) like NDB, VOR/DME, VOR and localizer-only procedures.
Intersections, waypoints and VORs are the on- and off-ramps for airways.