VORTVery Ordinary Rendering Toolkit
VORTVHF Omnidirectional (Radio) Ranging Test
VORTVery Ordinary Rendering Toolkit (images)
VORTVestibular Ocular Reflex Test (kimmetrics)
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References in classic literature ?
Paul, Londre, is ver fine; ver belle; ver grand—vat you call beeg; but, Monsieur Ben, pardonnez-moi, it is no vort so much as Notre Dame.”
If the STR (flow strength) and the absolute value of VORT (total vorticity) are lower than 3, a pressure pattern is unclassified (U).
Zitst and zukbts nokh alts di shotnsfun vort Un reynikst dem shimlfun meynen.
"A vort frier funem redaktor." Der oyster fun der yidisher shprakh, ix-xii.
Equally distinctive is Crown's vort limpa, a spicy Scandinavian Christmas bread that the bakery makes every year from Thanksgiving until the day after Christmas.
Henshaw SK and Van Vort J, Abortion services in the United States, 1991 and 1992, Family Planning Perspectives, 1994, 26(3):100-106 & 112, Table 4.
Schreuder, daarenteen, praat stotterend, half onbegryplik, oor dit wat wesentlik onverwoordbaar is: 'hy het geglo in die sjrrr en die drrr van dinge, en hy wou hulle hiert en vort en vibrasie afneem, hulle rafel en weer, hulle faliekante faldera ...' (bl.
NERF VORT pounds 49.99 Fenw William Camp with the Nerf "I think it is have tried Ner has foam discs won't hurt any "I love goi brilliant that N guns every sin touch and now s amazing," said the eight-year-old.
(27.) After Action Report (AAR) for Voices of Religious Tolerance (VORT) Program, 3 May 2011.
(136.) See generally Mary Van Vort, Note, Controlling and Deterring Frivolous In Forma Pauperis Complaints, 55 FORDHAM L.
In an interview with Barry Alpert, Sorrentino says, "Given the kind of working-class background that I came out of, there was literally no conception in my mind that I could become a writer, a serious writer, an artist, as it were" (Alpert, Vort, 1974; Jacket, 2006).
That word is "word," "logos." In Yiddish, this all-important Second Testament concept is rendered simply as "vort," an adequate literal translation, but one that does not give "Word" the emphasis one might expect.