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VORTACVHF Omnidirectional Range/Tactical Aircraft Control
VORTACVery High Frequency Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigation Aid
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The only approaches available to the field are ILS and VORTAC approaches.
In 1969, NARCO (now defunct) introduced the CLC-60 VORTAC Offset Control Panel that allowed navigation to a phantom fix defined as a distance and direction ("rho-theta") from an existing VORTAC.
A DME arc is a curved track at a constant distance around a facility that offers omnidirectional course information and DME, such as a VORTAC, VOR/DME or NDB/DME.
If your glideslope is inop, identifying OBOVE by shooting the 264-degree cross radial off the Sugarloaf Mountain Vortac means you'll need dual working VOR receivers.
You'll see that HUSKR is a fix on the V6-8 airway and is defined by the intersection of the airway--at that location the airway is defined by the 258 degree radial from OVR, Omaha--with the 347-degree radial from the LNK VORTAC.
He deviated off-course, reported clear of the precipitation, and then was cleared direct to a nearby Vortac. Shortly thereafter, the airplane entered a rapid descent from 8000 feet msl until radar contact was lost at 3000 feet.
As we flew over a VORTAC somewhere in Kentucky, our future aviator made a 60-degree heading change.
The angle from an arc to the intermediate course will only be 90 degrees when the VORTAC (or VOR/DME) that is the source of that arc is on that course--in other words, if the intermediate course is a radial of the VOR.