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VORTALVertical Portal (a subject/industry-specific web portal site)
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However, the two have invested many months and thousands of pounds of their redundancy pay in establishing the vortal, so they are not letting go the reins too soon.
One noteworthy aspect about the trucking vortal is the absence of an alphabet soup-like Web address, making it easier to type and remember.
com vortal will include access to industry news, dental articles, online ordering of practice supplies, lifestyle-related links and participation in discussion forums.
Other NOW vortals include Gamer, which brings competitors from around the world together to battle it out on the Internet; Sport, now featuring a round-the-world microlight flight, the NOW Challenge; Mother-Ship, which focuses on the environment, weather and natural phenomena; and e-Mage, a vortal with hot show-business news.
With their new vortal site, they can now enhance both the quality and quantity of their services to:
Farmroots has signed a vortal development contract with Milinx valued at over half a million dollars with provisions for future upgrades and product additions to the vortal.
COM) is an Internet-based, business-to-business software/internet vortal that creates web-enabled software and supplies Internet-based training, on-line consulting, and internet-delivered information services to help organizations with regulatory compliance requirements.
CoVia Vortal enables companies to quickly create industry specific, personalized portals that can be entirely managed by non-technical users who can quickly produce, update and sustain fresh, relative content for any targeted community -- all without IT support.
Provide search for your own site, around a collection of known sites with a FusionBot Mini-Portal, or power your vortal with a custom FusionBot Platinum vertical search solution.
Vortals are a "vertical portal" that focus on a specific topic.
These Vortals provide solutions that make the current EDI capabilities of large retailers (or other large buyers) more productive by making it feasible and economical for their smaller suppliers to intermesh with their e-commerce information system.