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VORTALVertical Portal (a subject/industry-specific web portal site)
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All the sites on our equine vortal are of interest to horse lovers.
I have, however, seen more active discussions taking place on other vortal sites so it would be unfair to conclude that communication/community could not successfully happen in these vertical communities.
Probably the initial growth spurt will come from owners of comparable Web sites who will conclude that all they need to do is build a discussion forum and perhaps a live chat area and voila--a vortal is born
Farmroots will benefit from one-stop shopping thanks to the multitude of skills and technologies that Milinx offers; vortal design, application hosting and private labeling, integration, quality assurance, content sourcing, and hosting are all in-house.
This means that Farmroots will be able to administer its vortal through any Web browser anywhere, securely and conveniently.
User's personalized Vortal view can be migrated into a robust, online Private Client Site that helps reinforce your organization's relationship with them through the addition of additional InfoPortal features such as knowledge sharing, discussions and other collaboration technologies.
CoVia Vortal is built on a robust security model and its single sign-on feature provides users with convenient and seamless movement among multiple applications.
This is because even the disciplines around which the vortals are organized turn out to be too broad to manage effectively.
The key to the success of these vortals will depend on the extent to which the users will be allowed to customize them.
When targeted job sites, niche sites, portals, and vortals can quickly and easily add career content, a job seeker's access to employment opportunities increases dramatically.