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VORTEXVirtual Object Run Time Expository
VORTEXVerification of the Origins of Rotation In Tornadoes Experiment
VORTEXVortex Ring Transit Experiment (University of Michigan)
VORTEXVarian Omni Task Real-Time Executive
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A vortex has us by the beak and we dive down a two-thousand foot slant at an angle (the dip-dial and my bouncing body record it) of thirty-five.
But there was a vortex at the tail of that smooth, so the T.
He had been caught in a vortex and was being whirled on with a velocity of advance and gyration that made him giddy and sick.
The therns on their side would hasten to rescue the girl, and in an instant the two would be swallowed in the vortex of a maelstrom of yelling devils, hacking and hewing at one another, like fiends incarnate.
Gilbert, who was an ardent Conservative, found himself caught in the vortex, being much in demand for speech-making at the various county rallies.
I shouldn't have given my mind to it again, I hope, if to this prison you had not been brought, and in an hour unfortunate for me, this day!' (In his agitation Young John adopted his mother's powerful construction of sentences.) 'When you first came upon me, sir, in the Lodge, this day, more as if a Upas tree had been made a capture of than a private defendant, such mingled streams of feelings broke loose again within me, that everything was for the first few minutes swept away before them, and I was going round and round in a vortex. I got out of it.
Just as Alice veiled her eyes in horror, under the impression that they were about to be swept within the vortex at the foot of the cataract, the canoe floated, stationary, at the side of a flat rock, that lay on a level with the water.
Vortex IOT, alongside its south Wales headquarters, recently opened a satellite office in Singapore in a bid to expand its reach into the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).
Vortex Energy was launched four years ago and has grown to become a prominent renewable energy-focused investment manager in Europe and the UK with an 822MW solar and wind portfolio, and combined executed transactions in excess of e1/42.4bn.
With easy operation, maintenance, and setting capabilities, the VORTEX III 870 is both versatile and user-friendly.
During those observations, the spacecraft found a high-altitude vortex in the southern hemisphere, which was witnessing summertime, but couldn't find similar signs in the chilly regions of the north.