VOSHVolunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (below poverty vision care)
VOSHVirginia Occupational Safety and Health
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Although 75,000--100,000 people receive eye care annually through VOSH missions in Latin America and the Caribbean, this number is a small percentage of those needing it.
VOSH has a series of guidelines for arranging the missions, determining sites, and setting up facilities, and a few volunteers rotate as annual planners.
Our partners at the International Centre for Eyecare Education, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and the World Council of Optometry are all very excited to be working with VOSH International as they develop long-term educational and clinical efforts in central and South America.
Optometry Giving Sight global chairman Professor Brien Holden said the deal will have 'a huge impact' with the optometrists involved in VOSH work.
specifications and the following to include all revisions, the OSHA Standards, VOSH, DEQ, SHTO LRFD Bridge Design
FIGURES INVOLVED in the worldwide effort to eliminate refractive error blindness have applauded a cooperative partnership formed between Optometry Giving Sight and VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) International.