VOSIVoices of Safety International
VOSIVertically Oriented Strike Indicator (fishing)
VOSIVera Open Source Initiative (computing)
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Alongside parallel occurrences such as those listed above, one also finds instances where VOSI and VOSende are coordinated with one another in the complement of a perception verb.
(16) and (17) cannot be taken as proof, therefore, that VOSI and the NP + past participle string are syntactic equivalents.
The functional equivalence of VOSende and VOSI in this instance seems clear.
Sometimes, the Latin participle construction is rendered by VOSI in OE:
I shall assume, along with Callaway (1913) and Fischer (1989) that VOSI was a native OE construction.
It would appear from the above discussion that there are a number of reasons to believe that, in the Latin-influenced OE prose texts at least, what I have called the VOSende construction was used with perception verbs to mark the direct perception of events, in a manner similar to the VOSI construction.
Some of the variation we have observed, at least, could simply be ascribed to hesitation on the translator's part as to how to render the Latin (inflected) participle construction: with a VOSI structure, with an inflected participle, as in Latin, or with an uninflected one.